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AlbumCDOrderNDAKONDWA (I’m Happy) Official album release date:

Mon 5th May 2014

Larry was born in Zambia and moved to Australia in 1985. He is an accomplished musician, composer and singer. He sings in a combination of English and Zambian languages, Nyanja, Bemba and Tonga, adopting styles which he has used to blend his own brand of roots music.The resulting unique sound has put some of his songs at the top of the Zambian charts. Since arriving in Australia Larry has broadened the Australian perspective of African music. He has released 10 albums with the 11th (which can be ordered now) out on 5th May and more than 15 music video clips which have been aired on the ABC program, Rage and other TV music programs including Channel 31 in Australia, ZNBC in Zambia, Zimbabwean and South African TV stations.

Some of Australia’s finest musicians featured on Larry’s album releases include Christopher Bekker (Bass), Nikky Bomba (Drums), Annette Roche (Backing Vocals), Angela Lybrandi (Backing Vocals), Bruce Hayes (Keyboards), Jason Heerah (Drums), Vika and Linda Bull (Baking Vocals), John Watson (Drums), Darren Farrugia(Drums) and Diesel (Guitar). With many of the musicians regarded as Australia’s leading session musicians, the individual and collective brilliance of the musicians respectively assures a diverse sound which encompasses complex African rhythms,African Reggae and luscious Jazz horns.

Seed, the new single from the album NDAKONDWA (I'm Happy)

Seed, the new single from the album NDAKONDWA (I’m Happy)

Recording at Woodstock Studio.

Larry Maluma at Woodstock Studio with Bruce Haymes, John Watson and Christopher Bekker. Zambia: Larry Maluma – Still Churning Hits