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Track list:

1. I Can See a Rainbow

2. Game Over

3. L ight Up My Fire

4. Mpuluula (Traditional)

5. Ndakondwa (I’m happy)

6. Speak Out

7. Seed

8. Mabvuuto (Difficulties)

9. Koya (Go)

10. Believe in Yourself

11. Homesick

A recognised and popular music star in his native Zambia, Larry left his homeland at the height of his success to start a new life in Australia almost 29 years ago and remains a major contributor to the local African roots and reggae scene. He has shared stages and supported acts such as Jimmy Cliff, The Wailers and Angelique Kidjo, and his albums have garnered critical acclaim.

Says Larry of his latest release:

10 years ago I went into the studio with some of the best musicians in Australia to record a bunch of songs for my 8th album, MAKANI ANGU (My Story). We put down twenty songs, and of those, Twelve tracks were chosen to be completed and mixed for that album. After the recording I asked my sound engineer Robin Mai, to put the remaining eight rough mixes on a disc for me, which I usually do at the end of every recording session. The idea was that at some point later, I would work on the rest of the tunes. How fortunate I was to have the rough mixes on CD, as the recording data had been accidentally erased at the t believe my ears at first when I was told what had happened, but after a while I realised that it was very true and there was nothing I could do about put it this way, I forgot about it completely. After almost a decade, while going through some boxes, I found the disc with the rough mixes and had a good listen. The rough mixes had a rawness which I really like, and I thought that it would be a crime not to release and share those tracks with you! So one day Robin and I packed our bags with the rough mixes, and headed up to the Alpine mountains of Australia to see our good friend Nicky Bomba at his studio, to work on the sound, see what we could salvage from the previously unreleased tracks, to remix and put an album together. m Happy) is mainly from those rough mixes, while three songs are s Celebrate). I am really ” Larry Maluma will be promoting this album release with a forthcoming tour.

“Contemporary Zambian musicians who have achieved some international fame include Larry Maluma who blends traditional Zambian beats with reggae.” 2013 Lonely Planet

“Although it’s difficult to categorise this music as anything other than African, Maluma has been in Australia a long time, and there’s a distinct cross-pollination of cultures going on here, enriching and universalising the listening experience.” Tony McMahon Inpress /

Enquiries contact

Email :

Telephone: 0414 422 351

Label: Safari Music

Artist: Larry Maluma

Title: Ndakondwa (I’m Happy)

Cat: LMCD1970

Release: 2014

At Woodstock studio with Bruce Haymes, John Watson and Christopher Bekker.

At Woodstock studio with Bruce Haymes, John Watson and Christopher Bekker.

At Woodstock studio with Jason Heerah, ,Christopher Bekker and Bruce Haymes.

At Woodstock studio with Jason Heerah, ,Christopher Bekker and Bruce Haymes.






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